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Hi Friends, 

Some of you may know that I've been doing some work for a small, grass-roots organization located in northern Idaho that has been working for 20 years on the clean up of the largest lead contamination site in the country. With very little resources, they have been able to push the clean up through while creating jobs for unemployed local miners. Their primary organizer, life-long Silver Valley resident Barbara Miller, has been awarded national recognition by the Ford Foundation for her work. 

Why has this work been met with resistance? High-power interests have preferred, rather than having the 1500 sq mile site cleaned up, to try to suppress the information about the contamination and its health risks because they are striving to bring more tourism to the area! Why can't they do both?

Well, the site is cleaner than ever, thanks to the work of Barb Miller and the Silver Valley Community Resource Center(SVCRC), as well as the many local churches, unions and social service agencies with whom they partner.

However, indoor lead contamination, that has plagued five-generations of Silver Valley residents is still a major problem. Lead contamination has been proven to lead to health problems, learning disabilities, behavioral health problems, mental retardation, seizures, coma and even death. 

Because this is a remote area with a very poor population, the SVCRC and its partners are the only ones working to stand up for the health of the community. That is why they need help from outside.     

Currently,the SVCRC has met the need to fund a position with CLEARCorps USA to provide training to parents and families on indoor lead remediation and provide testing for lead contamination for children. 

This is very direct, hands-on work, and an integral next step to healing and restoring this remote community.  And now we are trying to fund an additional staff position.

The SVCRC and its partners are also in a battle to prevent a whole new generation of toxic waste from infiltrating their soil, water, and families. A proposed waste repository on a local floodplain/National Historic Landmark at Cataldo Mission that would leach contaminants into the entire valley. Can you believe it? 

What I am asking today, in our renewed spirit of national unity and democratic action, is for you to visit the SVCRC website and make a donation. 

The organization needs money to do this.   

If enough people can make a donation of at least $22.31, it will go a long way in supporting the families and residents of Silver Valley in their struggle for the kind of basic environmental health that you and I take for granted.  

Of course, gifts over    
$22.31 would go even further.
Click here to be taken directly to their donation page. If the link doesn't work, click on the Donate button on the right hand side of the SVCRC home page.   

If they do not raise enough money, they will lose the opportunity for this new position. If you are moved to help, please do so as soon as possible. If you would, please send them a short email of encouragement as well:paccrcco[at]imbris[dot]com

Thanks, friends. 



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