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Accordingly this recreational trail was to have warning signs at the trail heads identifying the health risks associated with use of the trail.

From the 2003 Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation brochure for 
The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes: Protect Yourself by Following these Rules
- Stay on the trail 
- Wash hands and face before eating 
- Eat at designated  waysides and trail heads 
- Remove dirt from clothes, toys, pets, shoes, and equipment before leaving the area 
- Don't let children play near shorelines or off the trail 
- Carry water for drinking and washing. 

At the Pinehurst Trailhead you will see a small section on the trail information sign with the heading: 
"Health Concerns".

"The trail and designated safe areas are not health concerns.  However, heavy metals may occur in soils and sediments near rural portions of the trail. 

Ingestion of heavy metals poses a health risk especially to young children and pregnant women.

It is imperative to follow trail rules so you aren't exposed to contaminants."

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Dirt Bike Riding in Cataldo

This Health Warning sign is in a field directly to the west of the EMF toxic waste site.  This area has been heavily used for dirt bike riding in the Silver Valley for a long time, according to a local Cataldo resident.

Once the sign was erected in mid-July 2009, by Panhandle Health District, activity at the field stopped.

To date there has been no effort by the Panhandle Health District to identify, locate, test, and counsel for the risk of lead and other heavy metal poisoning from riding in this field and breathing the dust.

It is generally not advised to eat fish from many parts of the Coeur d'Alene River and Coeur d'Alene Lake because of toxins.

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