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October 17 -
Bravo to the rescued Chilean miners and their families and especially President Sebastian Pinera!!
The people of the Silver Valley can related and understand the high risks that you all entailed every with going into the mines!
We too, choose life over death and cleanup of the largest toxic waste site in America...
We extend our compassion and prayers to you all.
We stand in marvel at the care and concern of your country and its leaders!
God bless you all.

October 1 - EPA Region X attacks EMF FACTS
Region X EPA recently sent out a misleading two-page document to deliberatrely confuse the public regarding issues surrounding the cleanup, Cataldo Mission, and other points delineated in SVCRC 2009 and 2010 EMF Fact Sheets.

You can read both our FACT SHEETS on this web site as they are linked from this page.

You can read our response to the misleading EPA promo on our
facebook page.
If you do not have the EPA promo we can send it to you if you request it from us.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to make Lisa Jackson Call In Day a Success.  

"People in the Silver Valley can be proud of their action and (for) fighting back". Doris Cellarius, Sierra Club.

Lisa Jackson Call In -
Join SVCRC in the fight for environmental justice. Pledge to call Lisa Jackson and for an immediate moratorium at Cataldo Mission.  More information here and here

Keep the messages rolling in whenever you think of what EPA should be doing.

Lisa Jackson
, EPA Administrator: 202-564-4700
EPA Extends Comment Period to November 23 -
VICTORY!! for the affected citizens of the Bunker Hill Superfund site.

Take back our community, speak out, stop the Old Mission Repository. Repositories are temporary waste sites, EPA has the technology to deal with the hazardous waste with permanent disposal, the Silver Valley Community Resource Center has has asked Region X to consider permanent waste disposal more than 20 different times over the years. EPA refuses to consider this very important consideration to protect future downstream damages and the health of our children and communties.  Permanent waste disposal will NOT cost the cleanup jobs that were acquired as a grassroots action of SVCRC and EPA.

Mail comments NOW and by November 23 to:  
Dennis McLerran,
Congressman Walt Minnick:, 208-667-0127
Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator:, 202-564-4700

FMI: Contact the Silver Valley Community Resource Center office, 208-784-8891.

Or call toll-free at 1-800-424-4372

Documents are available at select local libraries and on the web at

SVCRC - Nationally recognized for leading the effort over the past 25 years to bring health and economic prosperity to the people of the Silver Valley and those included in the Bunker Hill Superfund Site.

Lead Health -
Report shows continuing problems with lead screening issue in Kellogg

United Steel Workers International officials met to discuss issues with SVCRC members, in keeping with their Blue-Green Alliance.  We extend our thanks to Leo Gerard and USW folks for extending their hand of concern.

January 15, 2010: Silver Valley Affected Citizens Raises Questions with Hastened Mining Cleanup News

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