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Old Mission/EMF Fact Sheet 2010

What you should know about the Mission Repository



Why do IDEQ and EPA, Region 10 continually ignore the wishes of stake holders in light of the following?


Repositories are ONLY temporary dumping sites

  • The repository has been sited on a flood plain that floods annually.
  • There is standing water in the site at the present time, mid July 2010.
  • EPA and IDEQ can give no assurance that regular flooding will not contaminate ground water and wells.
  • EPA and IDEQ provide no assurance that toxic run off from the flooding will not reach the N. Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River through seepage or flow. EPA monitoring well data show that arsenic above regulatory standards has already been found in the groundwater. 10/pdf/sites/emf/figure_ sum_results_1207_1109.pdf.
  • Down river communities and populations are at future risk for more pollution and contamination forever if the Mission repository is not stopped. There is no validity to any CD'A Lake Management Plan if upstream toxic repositories and the Old Mission repository (EMF) are not stopped.
  • The EMF repository is situated between Interstate 90 and Old Highway 10 (now a county road) and is within a few hundred feet of both, providing a pathway of contamination affecting travelers.
  • Visitors to the Mission and the state park will share narrow, freeway exits and entrances to the Mission and State Park with large trucks hauling toxic, heavy metals, thereby putting park visitors at risk of accidents and injury.
  • The Mission of the Sacred Heart is listed on the National Register of Historic places as a National Landmark Site, the highest designation given to historic properties.  (Can you imagine placing a toxic waste dump a thousand feet from George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon?)
  • The surroundings of this landmark and others like it are as important to its integrity as the building itself.
  • There are serious questions of propriety on the part of IDEQ and EPA surrounding the procedures required by law under Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act.
  • Over 70 groups, local and national (including Sierra Club), have joined the Silver Valley Community Resource Center in opposition to this repository.
  • Over 2000 people have signed the SVAC sponsored, on-line petition opposing this repository site
  • The Coeur d’Alene Tribe of Indians stated opposition and concerns in a letter to IDEQ dated 7/3/2007.


  • The Silver Valley Community Resource Center, the non-profit, grassroots organization leading the cleanup and voice of affected citizens for cleanup action has requested EPA and IDEQ to consider permanent waste disposal methods for which they have the ability to do so and have never done so at the Bunker Hill/CDA Basin Superfund site. This is the nation’s largest Superfund site.
  • Permanent waste disposal methods will NOT STOP cleanup jobs or local job hiring, the grassroots action conducted on behalf of SVCRC in the late 1990's and supported by EPA.


Stake holders demand a moratorium be placed on the use of the Mission Repository in order that there may be further study of permanent disposition of toxic mine waste.  Repositories such as EMF, Old Mission are temporary at best, a waste of money and a danger to the environment and human health.


You have every right to TAKE ACTION!


Contact the following: EPA National, 202-564-4711


Congressman Walt Minnick: Shelley., 208-667-0127


Region Ten EPA Administrator: Dennis McLerran,, 1-800-424-4372


The message to give to them:  We invite you to come to Kellogg and we request a moratorium on the Old Mission Repository, immediately!



For more information see SVCRC website,

Call 208-784-8891


Thank you!


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