Home Renovation – Painting Explained

Home Renovation – Painting Explained

We are told from a small age not to draw on the walls or furniture, but imagine the world in which we are allowed to express our creativity. The world without sticky notes scattered around our homes and magnets cluttering the refrigerator: the hub of our lives. Fortunately, you can stop imagining this because this could be a reality in your home. Chalkboard paint is not incredibly expensive and can make any space a unique and hands-on experience.

Benefits: Chalkboard paint is not only fun for everyone in the family, but it is easy to clean, and incredibly durable for all that life can throw at it.

Prices: If you are interested in painting an entire wall, or a large area, to create a canvas of sorts, a can of paint ranges from around twenty to thirty dollars. If you are looking to use chalkboard paint as more of a craft for smaller objects or spaces, then a can of spray paint is more in the range of five to ten dollars.

The wonderful thing that is the internet has also allowed the possibility of making your chalkboard paint with just a few easy steps- this ensures that you create just as much paint as you need for your project.

painting is a great way to renovate

Small Projects: A little bit of chalkboard paint can go a long way and make a large impact on small items around your house. For a more decorative approach try painting mason jars or old flower pots that you have lying around the house; your kids can enrich them with their creations, or you can find your inner artist to create attractive designs.

Be aware though that a bit of water is all that is needed to wipe away all of this work. Try to keep your masterpieces inside unless you want a blank canvas every time a storm rages past!

Chalkboard paint can also be useful as an organisational tool. Label your shelves in paint roller your pantry in an artistic way, separate all of those loose spices into chalkboard organised tins, or even write favourite recipes or measurement conversions on the inside of your cupboard doors.

Do you know what the best part is about all of this? It is entirely temporary and can be changed at any time- a dream for those that like to switch things up every so often!

Large Projects: Just as small projects, these can be creative, helpful, or most times both. Only painting walls allow for creativity to be published whenever it arrives. Just nailing frames on this wall has created an organiser where one can separate their thoughts and ideas into categories.

Painting a refrigerator or another central area to the home has now provided ample room for to-do lists, menus for the week, or a chores chart. Teachers and parents alike can benefit from painting a small table for their children to do homework on; no more piles of scrap paper to throw away at the end of working through problems, and the excitement of writing all over a table provides motivation for work to be done.

With the benefits of helping the environment, promoting creativity, motivating schoolwork, and organisation, this addition of chalkboard paint to your home should be a no-brainer, not to mention it looks fantastic!

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