February 16, 2017 2:58 am

Why You Should be Concerned and Get Involved with Your Community?

To be accepted and belong to a group has been a human emotional need since the very beginning of human’s existence on earth. We as humans have an inherent desire to be a part of something and belong to a certain group whether it is friends, family, a community, religion, ethnicity, or something else. It is a strong emotional need and this need to belong is the need to receive and give attention to and from other members of the group.

When a group of people is brought together at a place to live together they form a community. The mutual decisions of this community impact each of its member’s lives for better or for worse. Although when most people are asked about their community, they seem to be ignorant and don’t really care but it is quite evident that everything that happens in a community where you live in has a direct impact on your lives too. The question that arises in mind is why and how should one get involved with their community.

Let us take a simple scenario to understand this. Imagine you were told to sit in a car blindfolded and you have no idea where the car will drive to and who will be driving the car. Would you be willing to risk your life and sit in that car? The answer is, of course, you will not take such a risk. Community engagement is somewhat similar and every decision that is taken for a community has a direct influence on your life.

There must be a group of people running a community counsel or something similar which does all the decision making. Will you leave it up to them to decide what is good for you and what is not? You can be a little cynical and believe that your comments and opinions won’t be considered in the decision making but in real these decision makers genuinely want your feedback and opinions in order to decide something which is good for everyone and is accepted with mutual consent of the people living in that community.

Regardless of what your qualifications may be, everyone knows what is good and beneficial for them and what is not. You can get engaged in these decision making processes by keeping track of the community meetings and visiting the community counsel on at least a monthly basis. Get to know the people who represent your community there and always take part in feedback polls.

Once you start attending the community meetings and getting engaged with the decision making process you have the responsibility of looking around in your surroundings and finding out what needs to be taken care of and what issue is causing hindrance in the everyday life of your neighborhood. Once you identify an issue, you can raise it in the meetings and get it addressed. You can also engage with other people to start some projects that may be beneficial for everyone. You can help to increase security in your neighborhood, help with providing some recreational activities of people living in your area like getting a park/activity center built for the people, and the list of things to do is endless.

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February 14, 2017 7:04 am

Activities that Brings Communities Together

Every State is made of a diverse community; that includes people from a different race, cast, religion, nationality etc. living together thus following some society norms. A successful civilized State is made up of society whose people come together to live in peace. The community with peace and harmony includes people with traits like empathy, care, looking out for each other, investing in the society for its development, educating themselves and the future generation. Local activities and events that help the community bring its people together. Fundraising charities, environment maintenance, street markets etc. also bring the people of the community together.

Social groups from the community can arrange local activities like:

Street Festivals

People look for fun and shopping in convenience and places where they can get bargains. Local street festivals provide easy bargains, food, and fun for kids, performers that the whole community can enjoy together. In street festivals, you can organize local bake sales that are run by people of the neighborhood itself.  On the other hand, you can organize games where local people can participate.

Local Community Garden

A community garden is a place where local people come together to share the fruits and vegetables they plant for the society. Planting seeds that bear the community welfare can provide goodness thus bring people together. Setting up a local community garden is not that tough, you can ask people to bring seeds and tools on their own and thus plant them together. Garden will need care and maintenance that will further bring together everyone in the neighborhood.

Local theatre plays

Another fun way to bring together people of the society is arranging a local theatre play. Classic literature plays are good for the young and the old of the society. Everyone will come together to experience a performance and enjoy in unison. Together they will understand the importance of culture and classic literature in the community.

Themed Events in Local Cafes/Bars/Malls

Local bars, cafes, and malls can have themed events like book exchange day, all you can eat competitions, product launches, open-mic nights for singers, poets, comedians etc. all of this can make everyone aware of the interest and talents the society possess thus bringing the community together.

Camping/Bonfire Nights

What is a better way to bring people together in winters other than bonfire/camping nights? Under the stars in a community garden or countryside hill would be a nice place to arrange a bonfire night once in a while in the winter season where you can arrange buffet nights together, fireworks, movie screening, horse-riding etc. There can be a fund box where everyone can invest through the year, then take out the money, and arrange according to the budget. There are many ways to raise funds under the interest of entertainment.


Walk-on is one of the ways to arrange funds for the betterment of the society or charity for local hospitals or old homes. People participate and the winning team’s money will go to the charity. This will bring together everyone in support while arranging drinks and snacks for the participants.

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February 10, 2017 7:56 am

Keeping Families Together

One of the greatest blessings of life is to have and be loved by a family. Ever since we are born we have a special affinity for the people around us and our emotional need to be loved and to belong to a certain group is fulfilled first and foremost by our families. When we live in a neighborhood or a community, we interact with different families living around us and a good community is formed only if those individual families stay connected to each other and live in harmony.

In order to have a contented and happy life, living in a happily thriving community, there are certain needs that need to be fulfilled. Communities all over the world are focusing on providing better housing and working closely with public welfare agencies to provide a better, secure and happy environment for the people to live in. Several initiative projects are being set up to provide housing support and stability to the people.

Keeping families together is a tough job for a community because there are people from all different backgrounds, religions, age groups, and walks of life living together. When such a diverse group of people comes together, it is quite a job to take everyone’s consent, opinion and feedback on every tiny to big matter. It is the job of the community representatives to form a counsel and hold regular meetings and provide a platform to the people where they can interact, get to know each other and establish an environment which is welcoming and friendly for everyone.

In the world of today where a simple thing can create havoc and cause people to part ways, it is highly important for the communities to set up a healthy and friendly environment for everyone. Community centers are established in every area to provide some recreational activities for the people and chances to interact with other families. Movie nights, balls, bake sales and functions of different sorts are arranged for the people to attend and get to know their neighbors. Parks, swimming pools, activity centers, cinemas, clubs and several other recreational centers are also made for the people. Providing better security in the neighbourhoods, making people to enjoy the fun opportunities around them, making them involved in important decision making and getting their feedback and working on their issues are some of the things that can be done to set up a healthy and friendly environment where the families can live together in peace and harmony and enjoy happy and contented lives.

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